By definition CrossFit is Constantly Varied Functional Movements performed at High Intensity.

Ya, that’s great but what the hell does that even mean?
Good question! The concept is simple. We have all heard that we have to “mix up our workouts” for continued results. This is true! Most people are still confused on how to do this or what this really means. Maybe you’ve been going to the gym several days a week for awhile but have not changed your body composition or overall fitness level? Frustrating right? We can help!

CrossFit programming forces continued change and improvement through constantly varied work on all 3 primary energy pathways otherwise known as anaerobic and aerobic training. We program our workouts using a mix of intensity, weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic training(cardio) in a way that forces us to simultaneously use multiple muscle groups and ranges of motion. When combined properly the overall adaptation in your body composition, performance, energy levels and overall health is very real!

Anyone willing to consistently show up, put in the work and have a great time getting in the best shape of their lives should be doing CrossFit. We scale our training to the individual.
Anyone can do it!