Private Training


s much as we love CrossFit group training we know there are situation that may require a bit more personal attention.

Maybe you:

• Don’t like groups

• Feel like you need a little pre-crossfit training

• Want to do a private AMP UP Course

• Want to work with a nutritionist

• Want sport specific training

• Want to set up Coorperate wellness program or Team Building for a group


There is no way to over state the importance of Nutrition! Health, fat loss, weight gain or performance are all dependent on what you eat. I stress that everyone make an effort to improve their understanding of nutrition and the effects it has on your body especially, during your training.

We strive to have a strong nutritional message. Allow yourself to absorb this information and put it into practice in the other 23 hours a day that you are not here.

There is much debate about nutrition but there are some basics that are definitely true. Such as:- Processed foods are very bad for you and will make you fat and weak – Sugar is very bad for you and will make you fat and weak – Refined carbohydrates spike insulin levels and will make you fat and weak – Food in boxes is processed. See image – Whole, natural foods are always your best choice. Ignore everything you see on TV and in the media; They are trying to sell you something.

Private Training

For Las Vegas’ sought after private trainers coming soon 2019. To learn about it first fill out form below.



10 Week Challenge Sign Up

While we are relocating we are offering this challenge before our brand new Freestyle CrossFit Gym opens in November 2018