10 Week Challenge Just $200

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1 on 1 Nutrition Guidance

Meal Prep Planning

Park Workouts

Personal Training


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Watch Video For Details


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While we are relocating

  • Weekly Nutritional meet-ups
  • Nutritional guidance via text, email, meetings and community support
  • Scheduled group workouts 3-4 days a week..M.W.F. will be at a single location (times are to be posted closers to opening)
  • 3 — one-on-one personal training sessions
  • Daily Programming posted on Facebook to do on your own
  • Random Events such as dropping into other Crossfit gyms for WODs, Pool WODs or Crossfit competitions

To start this challenge you’ll have a one-on-one meeting, fill out the questionnaire, take pictures, and get your body fat measured (pictures must be taken to be eligible for prizes). Everyone must get their body fat measured so that I can adjust your daily macros to fit your needs.

Once I get to know your habits a little better, I can set you up with a suitable nutrition plan. This challenge will focus on low intake of carbohydrates, and will incorporate two big nutritional therapies, Keto and Paleo. If neither of these are a good fit for you, I can work 1 on 1 to find the right balance. 

The winner of this challenge will be the person who makes the biggest impact in the mirror with overall body fat changes; this will have nothing to do with the scale!  The winner will receive one free month of Crossfit at the new location, along with bragging rights and title :). There will also be a couple gift cards given out to those who truly show their dedication and willpower to make changes.

We will all be a part of a Facebook group to help share awesome recipes,  stories, encouragement and just help keep one another on track. If you don’t have a Facebook account, I highly suggest making one just for the support of the community! Meet-ups and other events will be posted on the page, as well as any questions everyone might have throughout the process. There will also be polls on which days, times, and locations to have future workouts and events. You don’t want to miss being apart of this!

Personal training can be at our temporary location around class times or at a globo gyms (LVAC, EOS, Planet Fitness, etc). I have an EOS membership and can bring 1 guest at a time to any location. I can meet you at a location near you or you can come to the one by me. I can also meet you at any gym you go to as long as you’re able to bring a guest. Each session will be an hour or more. or whatever needs you may have. During and after those sessions, you should also keep me up-to-date on how your nutritional changes are going.


Challenge package for 10 Weeks is Only: $200